easyspeakThis page is here to help members of Berkhamsted Speakers Club to use the ToastMasters easySpeak web site effectively. Listed below are a set of useful tips and tricks which will continue to use this website for our club activities.

The Primary aim of easySpeak

The primary aim of the easySpeak website is to help club officers to arrange meetings more efficiently by enabling club members to do things for themselves. Examples of this are automatic generation of club night agendas and club members being able to select roles.

The easySpeak website address (URL)

You can access the easySpeak website by clicking on the following link: easySpeak

Logging onto easySpeak

If you are a current member of Berkhamsted Speakers Club, you will automatically have your own easySpeak account which will be associated to the Berkhamsted club – for new members this may take a few days to set up. When your account is set up, you will receive an email from easySpeak with your account logon details. If you lose or forget these details please speak to the club VPE who will arrange for these details to be reset and resent to you.

easySpeak useful tips and tricks

  • The easySpeak help desk web site is a great place for Club Officers to start learning the website and has numerous videos and online training and can be found by clicking on the following link: easySpeak Help Desk
  • To sign up for a speech, watch this short 30 seconds video here: Sign up for a speech
  • To sign up for a meeting (confirm or reject attendance), watch this short 30 seconds video here: Sign up for a meeting
  • To change your password, watch this short 30 seconds video here: Change your password
  • To send an email to another club member, or all members, go to the “My Communication” menu in the left hand side navigation bar. Note that certain menu items will only show if your Club Role permits it.