Club Roles

The main aim of our club is get you to be comfortable and confident with speaking to an audience.

The primary mechanism for doing this is through prepared speeches, but in addition there are numerous roles that also allow you to practice your speaking skills, whilst at the same time helping the running of the club night.


People join Toastmasters to improve their speaking and leadership skills and the only way they can achieve that is by receiving feedback or an evaluation on their progress.

Toastmaster of the Evening

The TME is responsible for coordinating the entire meeting and is the ‘host’ for the night, so he/she must ensure that timings are adhered to so that the evening flows correctly.


The Timer assists the TME (Toastmaster of the evening) and those members speaking in their various roles in order to help maintain the correct flow of the evening.

Table Topics Master

The Table Topics Masters role helps members to gain greater organizational skills, and also improves time management abilities

Table Topics Evaluator

When you are asked to evaluate a Topics Speaker(s) you will be required to give a spoken evaluation and record the event in the relevant project of their Competent Leader Manual.

Ah Counter

The purpose of the ‘Ah- counter’ is to take note of words or sounds used as a ‘crutch’ or ‘pause filler ‘by anyone who has a speaking role at the Club meeting.

Inspirational Quote of the Evening

The purpose of giving the Inspirational Quote is to help set the tone of the evening and inspire those speaking. It should impact in a positive and thought provoking way that energizes the room

Sergeant at Arms

The role of Sergeant at Arms is vital in managing a Club meeting or event. They ensure that the venue is organised and welcoming and that everyone has what they need in order to complete their role.


The purpose of the Grammarian is to take note of any good or poor use of English, any awkward or incorrect grammar or misuse of language, used by anyone who has a speaking role at the Club meeting.

General Evaluator

The General Evaluator role is just as the name implies – an evaluator of everything and anything that takes place throughout the meeting. The responsibilities are large but so are the rewards.