Why You Should Join Our Club

If you would like to improve your presentation skills, build confidence to speak out at meetings, or be more coherent when speaking on the spot, then we are the club for you. As well as communication skills we also help out members build their leadership and management skills. We help with planning and chairing meetings, offering feedback to and motivating staff, and time management.

Membership Benefits

Berkhamsted Speakers Club membership includes:

  • On-going structured presentation skills training
  • Networking and socialising with the local Berkhamsted community
  • A source of general knowledge from a wide range of speakers
  • Personal mentoring in delivering speeches and general communication
  • Entertaining evenings including the After Dinner Speech, Humorous Speech and Tall Tales contests

All for an annual membership of just £100. It represents considerable value for money compared to those one-off one-day presentation skills courses, which most of us have been on and long forgotten.


Berkhamsted Speakers Club is part of Toastmasters International, with 280,000+ members worldwide. But don’t worry its not all red coats and champagne toasts to the Queen and her realms. People attending our speakers club are from all walks of life, in and around Berkhamsted. Our friendly members include: managers, authors, actors, researchers, local entrepreneurs and campaigners, and those just starting their career hoping to get a head start. As well as accomplished speakers looking to hone their presentations, our members include those hoping to become professional speakers along with those intimidated by speaking engagements wishing to gain confidence.



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