Why Join?

We will help you to enhance and develop a broad range of competencies that will assist you in both your personal and professional environments.

  • We will help you to improve your presentation skills
  • We can build your confidence to speak out at meetings
  • We’ll also steer you into being more coherent when speaking on the spot.

Leadership and Management Skills

As well as communication skills we also help out members build their leadership and management skills.

  • We help with planning and chairing meetings
  • We will help you to motivate your staff
  • And will ensure your time management techniques improve
  • We offer feedback to all members

People attending our speakers club are from all walks of life, in and around Berkhamsted.

Our friendly members include:

  • Managers
  • Authors
  • Actors
  • Researchers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business men and women
  • Accountants
  • Students
  • Retired people
  • Campaigners

We are here to help those just starting out in their career, hoping to get a head start. All the way through to those long-since retired who simply enjoy speaking.

We have members who joined as they were intimidated by public speaking. And we have members who are accomplished speakers looking to hone their presentations.

Our members include those hoping to become professional speakers

What is Toastmasters?

We’re part of Toastmasters International – an organisation with over 280,000 members worldwide.

But don’t worry its not all red coats and champagne toasts to the Queen and her realms.